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A dangerous fungal infection that affects dogs was reported in the area last summer and now that the warm weather is upon us, the risk of the growth of this fungus and contracting the disease increases significantly.

Known as Blastomycosis, the fungus grows in moist soil, soil mixed with sand or vegetation, in areas around water. When conditions are right, spores are released into the air that either can be inhaled by dogs or travel through their open wounds. In very rare cases, the fungus can affect people. Warm weather accelerates the fungul growth.

Training Tips


  • Use positive reinforcement.
  • Don’t yell at your dog.
  • Give your dog lots of toys.
  • Say a command only once.
  • Treat your dog as a dog. It is not a human baby.
  • Lack of Excercise will make your dog difficult to train.
  • Be consistant with commands and discipline.
  • Use a strong tone of voice when issuing commands.
  • Call Leader Of The Pack for more tips!
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